B.I.E.A.P., MAY-2014, ZOOLOGY-1 (E.M)

B.I.E.A.P., MAY 2014
Max.Marks: 60                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Time:3Hrs

Note: ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.                                                            10X2=20M
1. What is meant by Tautonymy ? Give two examples.
2.Mention any two substances secreted by Mast cells and their functions.
3.What is Sesmoid bone ? Give an example.
4. What is Haematocrit value ?
5. What is the function of Radula ? Give the name of the group of molluscs which do not possess a Radula.
6.Distinguish between Milt and Spawn.
7.List out any two differences between a Flagellum and a Cilium.
8.Define Conjugation with reference to Ciliates.Give two examples.
9.What do you mean by Parasitic castration ? Give one example.
10. Why are incinerators used in hospitals ?


Note: ANSWER ANY SIX QUESTIONS.                                           6X4=24M
11. Explain ‘Rivet popper’ hypothesis.
12. Describe the structure of a multipolar neuron with the help of diagram.
13. Mention any eight general characters.
14. Compare and Contrast Cartilagenous and Bony fishes.
15. Describe the process of Transverse binary fission in Paramecium with the help of diagram.
16. What are the adverse effects of tobacco ?
17. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the mouthparts of Cockroach.
18. What are the deleterious effects of depletion of Ozone in the stratosphere 


Note: ANSWER ANY TWO QUESTIONS.                                                  8X2=16M
19. Describe the life cycle of Plasmodium vivax in man with the help of diagram.
20. Describe the Digestive system of Cockroach with the help of neat labelled diagram.
21.Describe the different types of food chainsexist in an Ecosystem

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