periplaneta – locomotion


 Periplaneta has double  mode of locomotion.

1. Running (Cursorial locomotion).

2. Flying.


1. Cockroach is a cursorial insect. It can run on the ground with the help of legs.

2. During cursorial locomotion , cockroach forms two tripods with its legs.

3. Each tripod is formed by  foreleg and hind leg of one side and the middle leg of the other side.

4. during locomotion , the three legs of one tripod are kept on the ground and the other three legs of another tripod are carried forward.

5. In this process, the foreleg  pull the body , the hind leg push the body while the middle leg acts as a pivot.

6. Thus  cockroach moves using the two tripods alternatively.

7. The animal does not slip back as plantulae, pulvilli and claws provide grip.

8. The claws and the arolium help in locomotion on rough surfaces whereas  plantulae areuseful on smooth surfaces.


  1. The cockroach can fly over short distances with the help of its wings.
  2. While flying the first pair of wings is stretched out at right angles to the body.
  3. The second pair of wings is moved up and down during flight.
  4. Wings are elevated by the contraction of dorsoventral muscles.
  5. Contraction of the dorso-longitudinal muscles depresses the wings.



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