excretion in periplaneta americana

The excretory system of periplaneta helps in eliminating the nitrogenous wastes from the body in the form of uric acid. So periplaneta is called a uricotelic animal.
The structures associated with excretory function are :
Malpighian tubules,
Fat bodies ,
Uricose glands,
Nephrocytes and
1.MALPIGHIAN TUBULE:-cockroach-malpighian-tubules (1)
1. Malpighian tubules are long , unbranched yellowish tubules , attached at the extreme anterior end of the hindgut.
2. These tubules are lying freely in the haemolymph , but do not open into it , being blind at the free ends.
3. These are 100-150 in number arranged in 6-8 bundles . Each bundle is having 15-25 tubules.
4. Marcello Malpighi , described these tubules and called them vasa varicose.
5.Meckel called them Malpighian tubules.
6.Each tubule is lined by a single layer of glandular epithelium with a brush border on the inner surface.
7. The distal portion of the tubule is secretory and the proximal part is absorptive in nature.
8. The glandular cells of the malpighian tubules absorb water , salts , carbon dioxide and nitrogenous wastes from the haemolymph and secrete them into the lumen of the tubules.
9. The cells of the proximal part of the tubules reabsorb water and certain inorganic salts.
10.By the contraction of the tubules urine is pushed into the ileum.
11. In the rectum more water is reabsorbed from that through the rectal papillae.
12. Finally almost solid uric acid is excreted along with the faecal matter.
13. The removal of nitrogenous waste material through the alimentary canal helps in complete reabsorption of water from the wastes and formation of dry uric acid. It is an adaption for conservation of water as it is very important in terrestrial organisms.malpighian-tubules-excretion-process (1)
1. Fat body is a lobed white structure.
2. Urate cells present in these bodies are associated with excretion in a way.m.t absorption
3. These cells absorb and store uriacid throughout the life. This is called storage excretion as they remain stored in the cells of the corpora adipose.fat body
Uric acid is stored in uricose gland or utriculi majors of the mushroom gland in male cockroach. It is discharged during copulation.
Some nitrogenous waste materials are deposited on the cuticule and eliminated during moulting.


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