zoology-1 E.M MODEL PAPER


1st year practice paper -1


Answer all questions in 5 lines each

1.What is meant by tautonymy? Give one example.

2.Distinguish between holocrine and apocrine glands.

  1. What is lymph? How does it differ from plasma.
  2. What are microglia? What is their origin? Add a note on their function.
  3. What is metagenesis? Animals belonging to which phylum exhibit metagenesis?
  4. Name the four extra embryonic membranes.
  5. Distinguish between synchronous and metachronous movements.
  6. Whatis a Kinety?
  7. From which substance are smack and coke obtained ?
  8. Define mutualism. Give one example.


Answer any six questions in 20 lines each.

  1. Define species. Explain the various aspects of a species.
  2. Explain the Haveersian system.
  3. What are the salient features of echinoids?
  4. Compare and contrast between cartilaginous and bony fishes.
  5. Describe the process of transeverse binary fission in paramecium. Draw a labelled digram.

16.What arer the adverse effects of tobacco?

  1. Draw a neat and labelled digram of the salivary apparatus of a cockroach.
  2. Describe the ” greenhouse effect “.


Answer any two questions in 60 lines each.

  1. Describe the life cycle of plasmodium vivax in a mosquito with the help of a neat and labelled digram.
  2. Describe the blood circulatory system in periplaneta . Draw a neat and labelled digrams of it.
  3. Describe the different types of food chains that exist in an ecosystem.




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