intermediate 2nd year zoology-2 (E.M) practice paper-1


2nd  year practice paper -1



Answer all the questions.

  1. What is chyme?
  2. What are the columns of bertin ?
  3. What is triad system ?
  4. Name the cranial meninges covering the brain of man.
  5. which hormone is commonly known as fight and flight hormone ?
  6. What are islets of Langerhans ?
  7. What is your view are the reasons for population explosion?
  8. What is ‘ Amniocentesis ‘? Name any two disorders that can be detected by amniocentesis.
  9. What is Apiculture ?
  10. list out any two Indian carps and two exotic carps?


Answer any six questions.

  1. Explain the process of inspiration and expiration under nominal conditions.
  2. Draw a neat labelled diagram of L.S of a tooth.
  3. Describe the structure of Synovial joint with the help of a neat labelled diagram.
  4. Write short note on immunoglobulins.
  5. Describe erythroblastosis foetalis.
  6. Explain about homologous and analogous organs.
  7. Write about darwin’s theory of Natural Selection with industrial melanism as an An experimental proof.
  8. Explain the different types of Cancers.


Answer any two questions.

  1. Write note on the working of the heart of man.
  2. Describe male reproductive system of a man. Draw a labelled diagram of it.
  3. What is crisscross inheritance of one sex linked recessive chracter in human beings.




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