Intermediate ZOOLOGY, PAPER-2 MARCH 2015


MARCH 2015                                            60 Marks

Intermediate zoology-2 practice paper-3



NOTE:Answer ALL the questions.                      10×2=20 M

  1. What is Chyme ?
  2. What are the columns of ‘ Bertin ‘ ?
  3. Write the difference between Actin and Myosin.
  4. What is ‘Insulin Shock ‘ ?
  5. What is Acromegaly  ? Name the hormone responsible for this disorder.
  6. What is  Organ of  corti ?
  7. What are the functions of Sertoli cells of the seminiferous tubules and Leydig cells in man?
  8. What is Compaction in the human development ?
  9. What is electrocardiography and what are the normal components of ECG ?
  10. Define the terms layer and broiler.



NOTE : Answer any SIX questions.                6×4=24 M

  1. Describe the process of digestion of protiens in the stomach.
  2. Describe disorders of respiratory system.
  3. Draw a labeled diagram of T.S of the spinal cord.
  4. Explain the mechanism by which HIV multiplies and leads to AIDS.
  5. Describe the Genic Balance theory of sex
  6. Write a short note on the theory of Mutation.
  7. Distinguish between homologous and analogous
  8. Explain in brief structure of Insulin.


NOTE : Answer any  TWO questions.         2×8=16 M               

  1. Write a note on working of the heart of a man.
  2. Describe female reproductive system of a woman with the help of a labeled diagram.
  3. What is Crisscross inheritance  ? Explain the inheritance of sex linked recessive character in human.



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