Zoology-1(E.M) MARCH 2017 I.P.E-A.P

A.P I.P.E., MARCH 2017


Note: Answer all the questions                                           10×2=20 M
1.Define Species richness.
2.Distinguish between a tendon and a ligament.
3. Distinguish between Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts.
4. What is the haematocrit value?
5. What is Aristotle’s Lantern? Give one example of an animal possessing it.
6. Distinguish between milt and spawn.
7. List out any two differences between a flagellum and cilium.
8. Distinguish between Protor and Opisthe.
9. What do you mean by parasitic Castration? Give an example.
10. What is meant by Osmotrophic nutrition.


Note: Answer any six questions.                                                      6×4=24 M
11.Explain “Rivet Popper” hypothesis.
12.What are the salient features of the Echinoidea?
13.Describe the three types of cartilage.
14.What are the modifications observed in birds that help them in flight?
15. What are the lateral appendages? Based on their presence and absence, write the various types of flagella giving at least one example for each type.
16. Distinguish between addiction and dependence.
17. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the salivary apparatus of cockroach.
18.Describe ‘ Green House Effect’.


Note: Answer any two questions.                                                     8×2=16 M
19.Describe the life cycle of Plasmodium vivax in human with a neat labelled diagram.
20. Describe the Digestive system of Cockroach with the help of a neat labelled diagram.
21.List out the major air pollutants and describe their effects on human beings.

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