zoology- 2nd year (E.M) .,I,P.E-MAY 2015



I.P.E., MAY-2015

INTERMEDIATE  2nd   YEAR, ZOOLOGY                                        Max.Marks: 60M
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NOTE: Answer all questions in 5 lines each.

  1. Name the muscles that help in normal breathing movements.
  2. What are the columns of bertini ?
  3. Distinguish between Red muscle fibres and White muscle fibres.
  4. What is Corpus Callosum ?
  5. “ Colostrum is very much essential for the new born infants”. Justify.
  6. Write the names of any four mononucleate phagocytes.
  7. Define Gestation period. What is the duration of gestation period in human beings?
  8. Mention the advantages of “Lactational amenorrhea method “..
  9. What is popularly called ‘ Guardian Angel of Cell’ Genome`.
  10. What is ‘Tomogram`?



NOTE: Answer any SIX questions in 20 lines each.

  1. What are the functions of Liver /
  2. What are the major transport mechanism for co2? Explain.
  3. Draw a labeled diagram of the T.S of the spinal cord of man.
  4. Write note on Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome.
  5. How is sex determined in human beings ?
  6. Write a short note on the theory of Mutation.
  7. What is meant by Genetic drift ? Explain genetic drift citing the example of founder effect.
  8. List out the various steps involved in MOET.



NOTE: Answer any TWO questions in 60 lines each.

  1. Write notes on the working of the heart of man.
  2. Describe female reproductive system of a woman with the help of a labeled diagram.
  3. What is criss-cross inheritance ? explain the inheritance of one sex linked recessive character in human beings.


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